Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies Plus is exclusive to Oxford Academy.  Our curriculum is based on a combination of the Montessori approach to learning (learning through play) and a structured pencil and paper approach.  Utilizing this type of combination curriculum allows us to prepare our preschoolers for elementary school regardless of the type of learning environment their next school will provide.

The daily curriculum includes activities that focus on: language, math/science, fine motor, gross motor, art, and music.  These activities encourage physical development, emotional development, cognitive development, and social development in ways that are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate for each classroom.

Infants (6 Weeks to 12 Months)

Our Infant Program is designed for infants 6 weeks to 12 months in age.  The on-demand schedule of this room allows each infant to receive care in the same manner that they would receive at home while also having the added benefit of socialization.  We believe that even the youngest child is capable of learning, therefore, our daily routine in this room consists of working on the development of fine and gross motor skills and basic language skills.  Our babies engage in learning activities such as story time, music time, and sensory exploration.

One Year Old Room

This is an exciting time for toddlers as they are curious about other children and their surroundings.  The development level and ability level of toddlers change greatly from 12 to 24 months.  Our Toddler Room is designed so that they younger toddlers and the older toddlers have their own spaces.  This allows exploration and learning to take place safely and in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere.  The curriculum in this room focuses mainly on physical development, social skills, and language skills while learning through exploration and play.

Two Year Old Room

Two year olds are what we call "active learners".  The curriculum in this classroom is designed so that the children learn through discovery and active learning.  Our classroom centers allow children to learn and experience curriculum through play while our age appropriate activities tap into their curiosity in order to keep them interested and engaged in learning.  Students learn to recognize letters, colors, and numbers.  Through classroom activities we work with each child on developing necessary age-appropriate language skills.  The two year old classroom begins to focus on daily routines and structure as we work on basic skills such as cleaning up, socialization skills, and potty training.

PreK 3 Year Old Room

Three year olds are transitioning from toddlers to Preschoolers.  Our PreK 3 class begins to introduce children to a more school-like atmosphere while still encouraging them to learn through play and discovery.  Students begin to focus on basic principles of math, science, and language.  Special small muscle and fine motor activities help to develop hand control that are used in tracing and writing letters and numbers.  Basic math concepts and scientific principles are learned through games, stories, songs, and circle time activities.

PreK 4 and 5 Year Old Room

Preschool prepares children to succeed in elementary school by creating a foundation for them to build upon.  Our Preschool curriculum creates this foundation by  focusing on learning standards such as problem solving, emergent literacy, vocabulary, phonological awareness, mathematical thinking and scientific inquiry.  Our combination approach of using the Montessori technique combined with a structured learning technique allows children to learn through teacher led large group activities, student led  small group activities, learning centers, and one on one interaction.

Aftercare (K-5th Grade)

Oxford Academy picks up from several local schools and provides safe and quality aftercare for school age children.  Aftercare at Oxford includes homework help, crafts, activities, computers, centers, and playground time. Oxford Academy also picks up children on Early Release Days and provides all day care for Drop In Days when public schools are closed.   Discounts for drop-in-days are available for Aftercare students.

Camp (K-5th Grade)

Learning doesn't have to end when school lets out.  Oxford Academy provides Summer, Spring, and Winter Camp for children ages 5-12.  Each camp experience is a full day thematic based program that includes different field trips, crafts, and activities each day.  The various activities and trips are used tor reinforce the topic that is being learned each week.  Camp at Oxford Academy is the perfect way to keep your child learning through experience and discovery.